How to Report a User

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While using MusicBrainz, you might find a user acting against our general Code of Conduct or MusicBrainz-specific Code of Conduct, or otherwise negatively affecting our community and/or database.

Should I report?

In most cases, the first step is to try to help an editor understand the problem and improve their editing. We expect new editors to make some mistakes. Please assume good faith and try to help editors before you report them! This includes cases where editors consistently do things wrong in a way that is time-consuming to fix, at least until it's clear that communication is not helping.

However, sometimes an editor is not acting in good faith (engaging in vandalism or spam, or creating additional accounts to vote on their own edits). Sometimes talking things through with an editor isn't helpful (because they ignore or respond negatively to edit notes). And sometimes an editor is engaging in abusive behavior (insults, indiscriminate no-voting, etc.). In these cases, you should report the user to the site administrators so that they can review the case and act as needed.

How to report

To report a user, click the big link at the bottom of their profile page:


Clicking this link will present you with the following form:


The first field of the report lets you choose the reason for your report. Select the most applicable reason or, if nothing fits, the more general "Editor has violated some other part of our Code of Conduct".

The second field is the most important. It is a free text field where you should explain the situation in more detail. You can keep it short (unless a lot of context is needed), but make sure to specify what the editor is doing wrong and provide relevant links. For example, if the editor is leaving offensive edit notes, link to those edits. If the editor is ignoring edit notes, link to an edit where someone tried to help them improve, as well as one or more recent edits where they have ignored the suggestion. You don't need to link to every relevant edit, but link enough so the situation is easy to understand. Unless the situation is blindingly obvious (usually SEO spam), not adding details might mean that your report is not acted on, or that an admin will need to contact you to follow up.

The first checkbox indicates whether you want the admins to receive your email address with the report. This allows them to let you know about their decision, if any. If you uncheck this we will assume you do not want to be contacted - this means that a report with insufficient information may not be acted upon. In extreme circumstances, a site admin may email you about a report even if you have unchecked this box.

The second checkbox lets you request a copy of the sent report. This has no effect on the report, but is useful if you want to archive a copy. You cannot browse your sent reports in MusicBrainz.

What happens next?

Once the admins have received your report, they will look at it as soon as possible. This may take a few days. Then, they will take any action they consider necessary. In very mild cases action may not be taken immediately, and you may be asked to report the user again if their behavior does not change. In other mild cases, the admin may leave the reported editor an edit note or send them an email with a warning. Their offending edit notes might be censored or removed. In more serious cases, or for repeat offenders, the admin might revoke the editor's ability to edit or leave edit notes, mark them as a spammer, or delete their account outright. If you have elected to share your email address, you will usually get an email from the admin who dealt with the report, letting you know of their decision.

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